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Investing in properties gives you greater profitability and less risk than a traditional mutual fund: you not only earn from the monthly income that your property generates, but also from its appreciation over time...

But is Chile the most attractive market today? 

The Chilean real estate market is entering a period of stagnation, after its peak in 2015, so we invite you to look a little further and aim for higher returns by investing in properties in the USA.
Check below the comparison between an investment in properties in the USA versus one in Chile, based on real cases:

That is, with the same investment of 30 million in the USA, after paying all monthly expenses including dividend, you generate monthly income of $166,000 while in Chile you must contribute $15,000 each month to cover the expenses of your property.  

If you sell your property in the 5th year, the net profit you receive in the US is 2.5 times what you would get in Chile.

If these results de are attractive contact us.

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