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THE KAIAGROUP is a company dedicated to provide comprehensive advice to our clients on investment in real estate in the United States, accompanying them throughout the process.

THE KAIAGROUP was established in 2016, when based on our own experience investing in properties in the U.S., we detected an opportunity unknown to many, and very attainable if you have the right advice: for foreigners, it is not necessary to buy real estate cash in the U.S.

We have a professional and highly trained team in the economic assessment of real estate investment projects, which not only includes financial aspects but also qualitative aspects related to real estate. This allows us to offer a more complete vision of the potential investment, with the main objective of offering alternatives that satisfy the interests of our clients.

If you would like to meet with one of our advisors, please click here.



Jennifer Jimenez


Civil Industrial Engineer, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.

Her extensive experience as a real estate investor has led her to establish herself in the United States in search of the best investment properties in the State of Florida.


Founding partner of The Kaia Group, in charge of the North American and Canadian markets, as well as the development of new markets.


"When I made my first investment in the U.S., I felt that there was a lack of instances of support or guidance to facilitate the process for foreigners. From this experience arises our interest in providing a service that helps our clients to achieve their objectives".

+1 321 666 4245

Foto Cata (1).jpg

Catalina Ortuzar


Civil Industrial Engineer, Universidad Diego Portales.

Founding partner of The Kaia Group, she detected the interest of many non-resident foreigners in North America to receive guidance and accompaniment in the process of purchase and sale of properties in the U.S., which motivated her to create the company.


She is responsible for the Latin American, European and Asian markets.

"We started helping friends, they quickly recommended us to their friends, and today, just over two years from our beginning, we have customers from different parts of the world".

+56 9 6708 3458


Carolina Osses

Country Manager


Civil Industrial Engineer and Master in Engineering Sciences, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.


She started with real estate investments 10 years ago, taking advantage of the opportunities offered by the Chilean market, and then investing in properties in the US.


In parallel, she developed her professional career in the traditional labor market, working in the areas of HR and Marketing.


Country Manager for The Kaia Group Chile, responsible for the commercial area of the company, and advisor in the purchase of properties in the USA.


"It motivates me to be able to share the good experience I have had investing in properties in the US, and to help others to achieve their goals. Investing in properties allows you to generate income without spending all your time managing them: you earn while you sleep"

+56 9 8227 6827

Marrielle Mellet.jpg

Marielle Mellet

Country  Manager


Business Administrator of the Universidad del Pacífico in Lima, Peru.


After a successful career in North American multinationals, she decided to dedicate herself to different types of investments to obtain a passive income and financial freedom. Her passion for the real estate industry led her to seek investment opportunities in this sector and this is how she met The Kaia Group. She immediately recognized the value of a consulting firm with high customer service values ​​and detected this need in the Peruvian market. Thus she became part of the team and is now responsible for Peru.


"There are very few safe investment options with attractive returns in our market, and people do not know the opportunities that exist to invest in real estate abroad, or do not dare to do so because they see it as something distant and difficult. Having the local presence of a company that advises them and leads them from start to end, generates a lot of confidence and opens the doors to a large growing market."

+51 989 877 479


Jose Luis Barros

Country Manager


His vast career in the tourism industry in Quebec - Canada, has led him to be an expert in investment in vacation properties. 


For two years, he has been the Country Manager of The Kaia Group for Canada, in charge of finding new clients and managing the different real estate investment processes in the United States. 


Then I met The Kaia Group as a client and discovered the investment opportunities in Florida, I realized that for the Canadians this meant making their multiple trips to Floridas compatible to escape the cold winters and have an excellent investment that allows them to obtain an additional income These two vectors have meant the success of this project in Canada"

+1 407 269 4403

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