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People orienting people.


We all have different interests or needs, and therefore the first and most important thing in our consultancy is to know what objective you pursue. Many times it is something that you are already very clear about, but if not, we will ask the key questions that will help you to define it.


Once the objective is clear, we work to find the property in the market that best satisfies your interests: the most profitable, the one that allows you to use it and also lease it, the one that accesses the school you are interested in, and the one that is located and looks like the one you want.

We help you to find financing for the purchase, supporting you in obtaining the mortgage loan in the United States if you so require, and we accompany you until you sign the deed. Finally, we lease and manage your property if you want.

It is important to know that, throughout the purchase process, we apply confidentiality policies for handling information of our customers.

In addition, as consultants, we do not intermediate payments of any kind: you are the one who directly transfers any payment to the developer or title company in the U.S.A.


Search for the Property

We send you alternatives of properties, evaluated according to their profitability.

If you prefer, we can recommend geographical areas for you to personally search for properties on public portals. If you are interested in a property, we evaluate its profitability

For each property we give you the detail of associated costs (property taxes, community fees), estimated rent rate, history of sale of the property, value of neighboring properties, etc.


Mortgage credit and deed

Once you choose the property, the reservation of this one is made through a Sales and Purchase Agreement.

If the property is used, we commission a Home Inspection to ensure its structural condition.

We provide you with translated documentation and help you to complete the necessary forms to close your mortgage credit.

You sign the deed of your property in the U.S.A. or at its Embassy in your country.

(All transfers are made directly by you to the title company in the U.S.A.)


Pre-approval of

mortgage loan

We process the pre-approval of your credit, to determine the maximum pre-approved amount, estimated interest rate and down payment required. With this information we will be able to activate the search for the property that best fits your investment capacity.


Management of your property

This service considers the search and management of lessees, the conservation and maintenance of the property, minor repairs, compliance with building and housing codes.

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