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In the United States, particularly in Florida, there are countless real estate projects, developers, brokers and financiers that offer interesting alternatives for investments at first sight. However, a thorough analysis is necessary before making a decision.

Considering official property information, in addition to analyzing quantitative and qualitative variables of the projects or sectors where they are located, will allow you to make the right decision for you, limiting the risk of avoidable errors.

Some of the variables we will analyze are:

Type of properties and cities for investments

  • Capital Gain (added value of the area).

  • Unemployment rate for rental properties.

  • Annual population growth of the city.

Profitability of each property

  • ROI (return on investment).

  • Years in which the property is paid.


Other relative issues at the time of investment

  • Schools assigned to the property.

  • Crime of the area.

  • History of sale of the property.

  • Value of neighboring properties.

  • Structural quality of used properties (Home Inspection).

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