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City known for its tourist attractions (Disney World, Universal, Sea World among others), which makes it the most visited city by tourists in the U.S.A. and one of the top 5 in the world with 72 million in 2017.

1st place: “Where to Invest in Housing In 2018” Forbes Magazine.

It has the second largest university in the country: University of Central Florida.

  • Location: Central Florida

  • Population: 2.3 million

  • House Average Price (USD): 247,550

  • Population Growth (3 years): 7.2%

  • Employment Growth (2 years): 6.7%

  • Unemployment: 4.5%

  • Annual Growth in Property Price: 10%

  • Leasehold Population: 62.6%

  • Average Annual Household Income (USD): 48,270



Florida's second-largest city, not as ostentatious as Miami.

It is a rather residential and not tourist city. It has very good health systems and schools.

7th place “Where to Invest in Housing In 2017” Forbes Magazine

  • Location: Central Florida

  • Population: 2.9 million

  • House Average Price (USD): 193,582

  • Annual Population Growth (2011-2014): 3.1%

  • Annual Employment Growth: 2.6%

  • Unemployment: 5%

  • Annual Growth in Property Price: 9%

  • Leasehold Population: 50.43%

  • Average Annual Household Income (USD): 46,876



Its metropolitan area encompasses more than 5.4 million inhabitants, making it the 4th most populated city in the USA. It has great importance in finance, commerce, media, art and international trade.

Largest concentration of international banks in the U.S.A.

3rd richest city in the U.S.A. and 22nd in the world.

  • Location: Southern Florida

  • Population: 5.4 million

  • House Average Price (USD): 211,400

  • Annual Population Growth (2011-2014)Annual Employment Growth: 

  • Unemployment: 6%

  • Annual Growth in Property Price: 8%

  • Leasehold Population: 68.35%

  • Annual Average Household Income (USD): 48,458



Much of Jacksonville is urban. This fast-growing city in northeast Florida has natural reserves of fauna and flora, historic residential neighborhoods and many golf courses.

The beaches of the city offer soft sands and warm waters perfect for swimming, surfing and kayaking.

3rd Place “Where To Invest In Housing In 2018” Forbes Magazine

  • Location: Northern Florida

  • Population: 1.4 million

  • House Average Price (USD): 207,630

  • Annual Population Growth (2011-2014): 4.2%

  • Annual Employment Growth: 2.2%

  • Unemployment: 5.1%

  • Annual Growth in Property Price: 7%

  • Leasehold Population: 37.75%

  • Annual Average Household Income (USD): 51,117

cape coral.jpg

cape coral

The prettiest city in Florida. Its famous beaches, green golf courses and family attractions such as the popular Sun Splash family water park make Cape Coral an attractive destination for visitors.

It is located 2 hours west of Miami.

  • Location: Southwestern Florida

  • Population: 0.6 million

  • House Average Price (USD): 211,531

  • Annual Population Growth (2011-2014): 7.6%

  • Annual Employment Growth: 3%

  • Unemployment: 5.1%

  • Annual Growth in Property Price: 12%

  • Leasehold Population: 30.57%

  • Annual Average Household Income (USD): 49.000


Fort Lauderdale

Popular tourist destination, known as the Venice of America for its many channels.


Its main attractions are its magnificent beaches and the excellent sunny climate all year round.

It is located 25 minutes from Miami.

  • Location: Southern Florida

  • Population: 1.8 million

  • House Average Price (USD): 258,235

  • Annual Population Growth (2011-2014): 4.5%

  • Annual Employment Growth: 3.2%

  • Unemployment: 4.9%

  • Annual Growth in Property Price: 9%

  • Leasehold Population: 47.07%

  • Annual Average Household Income (USD): 48,458

Florida is one of the main tourist destinations in the U.S.A. and also the place of retirement for baby boomers. In this state of privileged climate is located the prestigious medical city of Lake Nona, the UCF (University of Central Florida, with the largest number of students in the U.S.A.), also with the best beaches in North America and the largest amusement parks in the world.

According to Forbes Magazine, which year after year conducts a study of the best areas to invest in properties in the U.S.A., Florida is top one with 3 of its cities in the TOP 3. 

For the third consecutive year, Orlando is ranked as the best city to invest in real estate in 2018. Jacksonville is ranked in third place.

1st place:   Orlando

3rd place:  Jacksonville

​Source: Forbes. Survey Best buy cities: Where to invest in housing in 2018.

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