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There are several factors, both from market and cultural aspects that make the United States a good country to invest in, particularly in real estate.

The total gross profit, in real investing around the world, can be compared as 10 % in Florida state to a 4.1% and a 5.1% in Chile and Peru respectively. Approximately paying the property in 10 years instead of 20 years.

The United States is the largest economic power in the world, with one of the biggest populations and greatest tourist attractions. The market you can target is wider and more diverse, you also invest in a strong and global currency.

US banks grant mortgage loans to foreigners starting at $145,000 for houses. 

It allows you to diverse the risk of investment, by opening a real estate  portfolio outside your country. Protect yourself from the ups and downs of your country's economy or politics by laying eggs in different baskets.

US’s law protects the owner from the nonpayment of rent. When a lessee is not able to pay his rent, most of the time he prefers to move before becoming a delinquent debtor and stain his lessee score, which would force him to pay an overprice in his next rents. However, in the event of a tenant's default, in less than a month the bad tenant will be out of your property, thanks to the legislation and procedures governing the rental of real estate.

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